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Hey Warriors! I am so honored and so blessed to welcome my new co-host Marcus Black, to the show. Marcus and I met while planning the Embrace Your Ambition conference in Denver last year and I truly believe that God placed him in my life to be my partner in this journey we’re on: to bring God into people’s lives and encourage them to follow their passion. We’ll be here every other Monday to inspire, educate, and uplift you and we hope you’ll join us as we walk this path that God has laid for us.

Marcus and I have both had our struggles; we’ve both been in places where we’ve felt lost, hopeless, and stuck. We’ve overcome these trials though, and so can you! By submitting to God’s will we’ve come out the other side better, stronger, and more successful. Our shared mission now is to reach out and help people through podcasting, our workshops and projects, and the Embrace Your Ambition conference where we’ll be hosting so many amazing guests. We are so excited to invite you to join us for the next one in Dallas from October 14th to the 17th. You won’t want to miss it!

In This Episode, We Cover:

  • Ashlee’s origin story: starting out with -$54 in her bank account when she began her business, following God’s prompts, and the success she became because of His guidance.
  • Marcus’ history: how he grew up as a poor kid in Mississippi and the hardships he faced, his near-death experience, and coming into his own in God’s light.
  • Finding each other through the Embrace Your Ambition conference and working together to create positive change in people’s lives.
  • and, healing ourselves by helping others, how sharing our message and serving God has led to joy and self-actualization.

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I'm very passionate about helping women realize their worth and turn their passion into a paycheck.  I started my business with the help of God with -$54 and it has since exploded into more than anyone would have every imagined.  I believe all the Glory goes to God.  And with God as my business partner I'm is limitless. I'm ready to help you Embrace your Ambition and turn you God-Given passions into a paycheck.

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