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Episode 49: Show Notes

Mind, body, and soul. These are three different words for concepts that are so undeniably connected that neglecting one will affect the other two. My guest today, Cassandra Dick, is guided by the principle that nourishing all three will lead you to a happy, well-balanced life. She provides advice to women thinking of starting their own business, and pursuing their ambition. She also discusses her mission to help all people create a healthy life, unlock their inner grit, and realize their purpose.

Cassandra has been blessed with the God-given abilities to identify needs, fulfill them, and grow from those experiences. As the oldest girl of seven siblings with a sick mother, she took on a caregiver role for her family that blossomed into a career in nursing. As a Registered Nurse working in mental health, Cassandra saw how the medical field focused more on prescribing medications than addressing the root cause of a problem and became a Mental Health Advocate and Personal Life Coach. Finally, as a fitness enthusiast reliant on gym chalk, she came across an unsanitary situation and developed the brilliant solution of the Grit Stick. Cassandra has truly learned to “lean in” and capitalize on her talents.

Cassandra is the owner and founder of Pure Grit Fitness and creator of the Grit Stick. She is a Registered Nurse turned Fitness Enthusiast, Personal Life Coach, and Mental Health Advocate. Cassandra found her love for health and fitness through her own personal struggles with anorexia, depression, and anxiety.

In addition to God’s amazing grace, Cassandra credits much of her recovery to her therapist named “gym”. Through strength training and a lot of education regarding nutrition and the mind body connection, Cassandra was able to find the balance to live a healthy life free from the mental ailments that once plagued her every day life.

In This Episode, We Cover:

  • Cassandra’s back story and the struggles she has overcome to make her who she is today.
  • The idea that “No’s fuel fire”. Learning from rejections and failure while pursuing your passion.
  • Making small pivots to your business or product to capitalize on the needs of the current and developing situations.
  • The downside of perfectionism and how to move forward by accepting yourself and your imperfections.
  • and, how overcoming your fear to follow your purpose will lead you to more fulfillment in life and a closer relationship with the Lord.

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