Turning a Cup Hobby Into a Business with Nikole

Episode 12: Show Notes

Nikole got started by making cups on the side for family and friends, when a life change pushed her into turning her cup hobby into a business. With the help of Ashlee she was able to turn her passion into a business!

In this episode about turning a hobby into a business, we cover:

  • How Nikole was able to turn her cup hobby into a business
  • Gaining self confidence from turning a passion project into a business
  • The importance of organization in your business
  • Where Nikole gets her motivation and support from
  • and, why customer service is even more important than the quality of your product

Resources and links mentioned during this episode:

More about Nikole:

I’m Nikole the owner of Cutiebowtooties! I have been super crafty my entire life but when I first opened my shop I just made hair bows… then I realized that my passion for glitter had taken over me! I found myself buying more and more glittered tumblers… then about a year ago I decided to take the plunge and start making tumblers! I have never been happier that I did! My craft room is my happy place! I just love being able to create any kind of tumbler I can but if I had to pick my favorite tumblers to make I would have to say the more challenging ones such as chevron or plaid! I absolutely love getting to experimenting with all the different colored glitter on the cups.


Disclaimer: This post about turning a hobby into a business may contain affiliate links which means if you choose to purchase from clicking on the link, I may receive a commission from the seller at no cost to you. I only share products I have used and love!

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