Growing a Thriving Business in 3 Hours a Day with Chas Young

Episode 28: Show Notes

Today on the show we are talking to Chas Young. A marketing, mindset and mental health coach who helps women set up a business structure that allows you to be flexible, free and happy.

Chas helps women not only to grow their business but also work for only 3 hours a day, so you have much more time for your family without feeling guilty. If you feel like you should be working more and more… then Chas have some enlightened news for you… more work doesn’t lead to more money! It just leads to more stress and will get you burnt out!

In this episode, we cover:

  • The importance of following your fun each day
  • Being able to delegate and know that not everything has to be perfect
  • Adopting the queen mentality
  • Creating a schedule and time chunking your work-time
  • Being intentional about what you’re working on with 3 main activities: Showing up, Streamlining, Selling
  • Showing up: Building relationships with people you’ve made a connection with on social media
  • Streamlining: All your admin stuff
  • and, Selling: Intentional activities that take you towards getting the sale

Always follow your fun! – Chas Young

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