The Unleashing Hope Challenge Day 2

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“God can’t drive a parked car.” I say that phrase all the time and it’s meaning is so relevant to our message for you today! Wherever you are in your journey to find and realize your passion, you need to be making moves! As part of day 2 of our Unleashing Hope Challenge, we’re talking about why you need to have a Vision and Mission Statement for your life. We talk about what they are, how they help, and why you should write them down!

As always, Marcus and I will also be discussing your purpose and how to find it. Marcus shares his thoughts on understanding who God is and what Purpose can mean in a life. We talk about facing the fear of starting, fear of looking foolish, and what to do when you don’t feel like you’re enough. If you just don’t know where to start, I have some advice for that too! We’ve got some homework for you again, so let’s get to it!

In this episode, we cover:

  • Why going after what You want IS what God wants
  • The meaning of your lived experience
  • Using your gifts and talents to find your True purpose
  • How simply starting Somewhere can lead you where you need to go
  • Questions to ask yourself when trying to find your gifts
  • Why God never picked “perfect” people for the tough jobs in the Bible
  • What it means to Wait with Action
  • Focusing on what you DO have and not what you DON’T
  • Why you only need to be 51% sure to make a move
  • Tips for writing a Vision and Mission Statement

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