The Unleashing Hope Challenge | Day 1

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To have a Testimony, there must first be a test. People forget that, and really struggle with keeping hope alive in their hearts when things get hard. Today Marcus and I are going to challenge you to defy the negativity and the well-meaning doubters and find your big, God-sized dream. We’re talking about who and what you want to become and the kinds of dreams that are so big that they’re only possible with the help of God. It’s human to lose hope and feel the absence of hope sometimes, but “With God, all things are possible.” (MATTHEW 19:26)

Marcus and I want all of you to try and get back to a place of childlike faith. Children have these big, amazing dreams and believe in their ability to achieve them because the world hasn’t told them that they Can’t yet. Today on the show we talk about other people’s perceptions of your goals and why you might be aiming too small. We tell you the 5 people you need to surround yourself with and why you need to give up control to God. Finally, we give you some homework to complete for the first Embrace Your Ambition challenge!

In this episode, we cover:

  • Marcus’ childhood dream and how he still chases it today
  • What the God-sized dream IS
  • The role of divine intervention in our lives
  • How giving up control can help us become the people God has intended
  • Why our closest friends and family may not be our biggest supporters
  • The 5 types of people you need in your inner circle
  • Fountains and Drains: who they are and how they affect you
  • What dreams should do for you and others
  • Embracing resistance and struggle to make you stronger
  • Your homework for tonight

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