Setting Yourself and Your Business Up for Success with Sara Ledterman

Episode 46: Show Notes

Joining me for today’s episode is Sara Ledterman. Sara is really great at helping businesses scale and she understands that it’s difficult for entrepreneurs is to find the resources and support they need when they are going through the growth stage. Today, she is here to talk about the best strategies for growing your business, creating your own systems and what it’s really like behind-the-scenes of being an entrepreneur.

“Success isn’t sexy, it’s sweaty.” – Unknown

In This Episode, We Cover:

  • Sara’s background story and how growing up in an entrepreneurial family helped her in her business
  • Sara’s plan for the future and what she enjoys most when it comes to consulting
  • Best advice for growing your business and creating your own systems
  • Staying consistent as a creative business owner
  • What inspires Sara and how she sets herself up for a successful day
  • and, is “perfection paralysis” affecting you and your business

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