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Episode 34: Show Notes

Today on the show, we have Bethany Clemenson. Bethany is a dual-certified coach and a corporate “drop out”. She is a mom to a freshman and sophomore in high school. She used to open up senior living communities, travel all over and do a lot of training on mindset and culture. When she got brave enough, she stepped outside of the corporate world and is now a leadership and mindset coach for driven women.

After being a nurse for 2 years, Bethany applied for a job to open a senior assistance living community. As a former nurse, she spend a lot of time with her residents in their final days. And the one consistent thing she would hear them say, “I had a good life, but…”

That’s when she started to wonder if anybody lived out a life they wanted or desired. Working as a coach, she realized there was something more for her, something different. She realized that she needed to use her God-given gifts.

In This Episode, We Cover:

  • Using our God-given gifts
  • How to take a first step towards our dreams
  • Stepping into our fate
  • Empowerment and tuning into our soul

Resources and links mentioned during this episode:

More About Bethany:

Bethany Clemenson is a mindset coach, speaker, and teacher. She is passionate about helping driven women get Dialed IN! to their authentic selves by uncovering their greatness, leaning into who they are and designing their Big Life!

One thing that sets Bethany apart is her ability to be direct and loving while speaking truth! She has zero tolerance for excuses and self-imposed limits. Her teaching style provides more than just thought provoking information…she knows that doing the deep work is the way to shift awareness and Live Big! Regardless of where Bethany is speaking, she provides the next steps to move forward. This approach drives results, breakthroughs, and sustained life change!

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