Honest Reflection and Intention Setting for 2022 | Episode 55

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We’re looking back so that we can look forward! Today Marcus and I are talking about honestly assessing 2021 with all of it’s wins and losses in order to plan for the future. When talking about assessment, we address two ends of the spectrum that you might fall into: finding it hard to list the wins because you’re your own worst critic and glossing over failures because you won’t acknowledge that problems exist. Marcus and I share some of our own wins and losses from 2021 and previous years in the hopes that it will inspire you! Honesty with yourself is key in this exercise.

Once you’ve reflected on the year, it’s time to set intentions for 2022! We talk about strategies for dealing with overwhelm, the power of an Intention Word, and how knowing your intentions will create opportunities for you to achieve them. Marcus explains Needs vs. Wants and gives some advice on how to set your intentions for the year. Finally, we share our own goals for the year and some of the exciting new programs and groups Embrace Your Ambition is launching!

In this episode, we cover:

  • Honest self-assessment and why it can be hard
  • Why you need to tell YOURSELF you’ve done well
  • How you will be Chosen when you stop stepping away from your calling
  • Learning to set goals without considering how others will perceive them
  • Why you need to dream big and stop worrying about the HOW
  • Identifying your needs vs. wants and how to prioritize them
  • Marcus’ experience achieving a goal that wasn’t his true purpose
  • New training events through EYA
  • What you get when you join the EYA Family
  • and, Embrace your Ambition missionary work and Denver conference

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