Embracing the boulders in your business and life

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It’s always darkest before the dawn. Our job is to trust in God and to find the courage and the resolve to not just overcome the obstacles in our paths, but to embrace them. Today I’ll tell you about a few of my own experiences embracing the boulders in my life and the beauty and joy that I have witnessed as a result. In life and in business there are seasons of struggle. The lesson that Marcus and I have to offer you today applies to both, and we hope that it helps you if you are struggling right now.

In this episode, Marcus shares a story with us that he’s never told before. He talks about a period in his life where he experienced burnout and heartbreak in his job and how this led to losing his connection with God. He speaks of the Hell of God’s absence in his life and the despair of “just going through the motions”. Finally, he’ll tell you what allowed him to rediscover the Lord’s presence and what we hope to accomplish together next.

In This Episode, We Cover:

  • Ashlee and her family’s hiking experience climbing the Crags and what she learned from that trip
  • The fact that boulders will always appear in your life when you’re about to make a breakthrough
  • How pushing through and embracing the challenges you encounter will lead to great rewards
  • The importance of not getting hung up on what you don’t have, but focusing on what you do
  • Marcus Black’s views on Hell
  • and, how observing someone else’s passion and faith can inspire your own

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