Embrace The Suck and Keep Pushing for Your Dreams

Episode 14: Show Notes

Are you fighting for your dreams and really going for you goals? I believe that God is limitless and as long as HE is in my business, I can conquar all things. But that doesn’t mean there aren’t struggles and hard times along the way. I’ve realized that when I hit hard times, or start to struggle, that right on the other side of that, is a breakthrough.

“When you are stepping into something new you’re probably gonna suck at it at first. That’s okay. Embrace the suck and keep pushing for your dreams.” – Ashlee Fay

In this episode, we cover:

  • Fighting for what you want and pushing through the boulders
  • How failure is a necessary part of your dream journey
  • and, how on the other side of a struggle, is a breakthrough

Resources and links mentioned during this episode:

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