With Ashlee Fay & Marcus Black

Next Big EVENT:

June 16th- 18th

Denver Colorado

The CAN’T MISS experience of a LIFETIME! 

For anyone who has ever felt stuck, stagnant, & unable press through the wall holding you back from fulfilling your purpose!

For anyone feeling lost, lonely, or without hope due to the traumas of your past or the storms of your present! 

For any & EVERYONE that’s ever had a GOD-SIZED dream in their heart but were told they were crazy, it’s not possible, or has been made to feel guilty for your success, THIS IS THE EVENT FOR YOU! 

Come be equipped, inspired, & set free from the chains holding you back from your greatness! No more sitting back idly! No more hoping and wishing for your dreams to come true! 

It’s time for your breakthrough!! God + Business = Success! Join us for 4 days as we unblock the walls trapping you, free the mind limiting you, & activate the God that is within you as we empower you to reach all your wildest dreams!! It’s TIME to EMBRACE YOUR GOD-GIVEN AMBITION!!! Because YOU CAN!!


Mission TRIP: Puerto Penasco  Oct 4-11th