Building a Business and Confidence While Inspiring Others with Mackenzie Longbons

Episode 22: Show Notes

Mackenzie Longbons is passionate about building a business and is embracing stepping out of her comfort zone to do new things, and help others learn how to do the same. She is a hard working mama that kept hustling until she got where she wanted to be with God’s grace, her hard work, and ambition.

Today on the show, we have another success story. Mackenzie Longbons is one of my very own from The Ashlee Fay Academy and is the owner of Harper Jo Boutique as well as being one of the first AFB Boss Babes.

Mackenzie is a wife and mama of two girls living on a farm in Southern Illinois. Along with her extremely successful boutique where she sells custom tumblers and an assortment of other items, Mackenzie is a stay at home mom and farm wife. Mackenzie started her business, Harper Jo Boutique, in 2016 after having her first daughter.

In this episode, we cover:

  • Using Facebook lives and ads on your page to grow your business
  • Taking a leap of faith and investing in yourself
  • Putting in the work to build the business you want
  • Making something special that is important to someone else
  • Getting out of your comfort zone and trying new things
  • and, setting boundaries and sticking to them

I’m capable of more than just being a mom and a wife. And building this business made me more confident in myself. – Mackenzie

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