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A couple of years ago I hit a financial rock bottom and in that moment I prayed and begged God to show me a path.  I somehow found the courage to take a step in the direction God was leading me in. I always felt like I was made for more but never knew how or where to start. I felt broken and worthless for so long. But taking that 1 step lead to me taking another and then another. I built a 6 figure business from -$54 with God as my leader, giving me opportunities. I believe it’s our responsibility to live the passion that God put on our heart. And regardless of how afraid we are- we must take the steps and seize the opportunities He provides for us. 

She is Clothed in Strength & Dignity and She Laughs Without Fear of the Future

proverbs 31:25

My facebook page now has 70,000 amazing followers that love watching the multiple daily boutiques find their courage to chase their passion and share their story. It is so much more than a shopping network. It’s a place to come for empowerment, inspiration and guidance.

My podcast is finally out, my 1st conference is in June 2021 and it all started with -$54.

I am so passionate now about helping find their worth, embrace their ambition and use their passion because I know what it’s like to want for more. I believe in you. I know that if I can do this so can you because God doesn't call the qualified, He qualifies the called. Now my calling is to help other women and make a difference.  I am here to help and cheer you on. God can and will make something out of nothing if you are willing to work hard, show Him you are ready, and make Him your business partner.

I am an army wife, and mom of 3 beautiful girls. I want more than anything to show them what is capable if you are willing to work hard and have the courage to chase your dreams.  I want to travel the world with them and live life to the fullest.   For so long I felt like I was just surviving-- not anymore. Today I am living and I can’t wait to see where God takes me!

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