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Ashlee Fay Branstetter is a successful trailblazing serial entrepreneur who’s extraordinary grit, drive, perseverance, and determination have helped her to not only transform the life of her own family, but also the lives of thousands of people all around the world. Originally, the creator of Ashlee Fay Designs, which started with a humbling -$54 in her bank account. With more than 125k in her virtual community, she’s since turned this mega influence into an entire movement through the Embrace Your Ambition Experience which she now co-owns. Ashlee now spends her time traveling through speaking and events. Her greatest passion is inspiring others to live their best life and she is available for both virtual and in person events via request.

Ashlee is also a licensed Disney Travel agent. She plans your magical adventures with the same speical and personalized experience she does with retreats and conferences. 

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I know whats it's like to feel stuck, to have a passion but not sure where to start or what to do with it.


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I am passionate in helping women to realize their worth because I have been where you are. I know what it's like to want for more. I am here to help.

Today I am living my purpose, and I get to travel the world to help others find theirs. I am blessed to get to speak on stages, host events, publish books, run programs & courses, and plan mission trips.  I love helping others share their stories and step into their light.

You do have what it takes. You are capable. I want to help you find your worth, embrace your ambition and use the passion God laid on your heart. Because there is room for all of us at the top. 

It’s time to Embrace your Ambition.

Our business has grown so much since we teamed up with Ashlee Fay Designs. This wonderful opportunity gives me the pleasure of staying home with my daughters, helping on the farm, and growing my own business. Since we have teamed up with AFD so much has changed with my business. We were barely turning a profit before we started our new adventure. Now we have our own website, comment sold, employees, accountant, & still growing!

Ashlee is a true example of God’s work and truly wants to empower women and see them succeed and believe in themselves. Whenever I first started tumblers, I was so surprised to run across Ashlee and her willingness to help
me in anyway she possibly could.


Ashlee Fay Designs has changed my business in so many ways! I will forever be grateful to her! I learned everything I know about tumblers from her. Her DIY club was a complete life saver! The academy is great for the business side of things which isn’t always everyone’s favorite... but she makes it easier to understand in the academy and with her Q&As lives!

It’s only been about 3 months working with AFD and I already have more hope and confidence than I have ever had in my entire life.. I tell you this because I want you to learn from my mistakes... I should not have let fear hold me back so long from something I had such passion about! Don’t wait for something bad to hit you before you decide to go for it. Take the chance!


In the 4 months of taking my business seriously, I’ve accomplished 2.5 of my goals, and no, losing weight is not one of them. This is a stepping stone towards the many things I want to accomplish. 

Make that move, take that risk, LEARN from this membership, as myself and a few others will share ALL the details with you on how Ashlees Academy helped me and my family achieve these goals! YOU go girl, YOU GOT THIS!


I for the first time in years, maybe ever, can actually hear God when I ask for guidance and help. I feel like it's ok to pray about things and talk about God openly. Ashlee reminded me what was missing in my life and my business, God! I am enjoying learning to hear God.  With God in my business and Ashlee Fay’s help I believe I can do this I don’t need to have confidence, after all I have Godfidence! (My confidence is growing however also)


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